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A visit to Normandy is not complete without experiencing the Abbey of Mont-Saint-Michel – a truly awe-inspiring monument of legend …

© CRT Normandie.

Started in 708 AD by Aubert, Bishop of Avranches, the Abbey rises up from an indefinable point in the sand and waves, like a human challenge to the elements and time. From Aubert’s first chapel the Abbey has been extended upwards and outwards over the centuries – up there on the highest levels everything comes as a surprise: the amazing feats of medieval architecture, the power of nature, the light … everything. We have visited many times and still find it an inspiring day out. The website is full of information.

© CRT Normandie. Photo: F Charaffi © CRT Normandie. Photo: E. Bénard © CRT Normandie. Photo: E. Bénard© CRT Normandie. Photo: E. Bénard

The bay of Mont-Saint-Michel is often overlooked by visitors, but is featured on the UNESCO list of world heritage sites, alongside the Abbey. The huge area of the bay enjoys a rich variety of natural habitats and is home to one of the largest areas of salt meadows and dikes in France, as well as spectacular tidal activity – the range between high tide and low tide is almost 15m (nearly 50 feet).

© CRT Normandie. Photo: F. Charaffi

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