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Calais (4 - 4½ hrs )

Exit the port and follow the signs to Boulogne and Tunnel-sous-la-Manche and the A16 motorway – may also be marked for Rouen.

Once on the A16 you will start to encounter the Toll Stations. It will cost around 25 euros for the journey, made up either of collecting a ticket for later payment or a fixed amount. It is a good idea to keep some loose euro coins for the automatic machines.

Continue on this motorway until Abbeville where you take the A28, marked for Rouen and Le Havre. Continue on this motorway (ignore the A29 junction to Amiens) to the junction with the A29 marked for Le Havre and Caen where the A28 goes to Rouen. Take the A29 to Le Havre and Caen – still good quality motorway. Stay on the A29 as it goes past Le Havre and you will go over the spectacular Pont de Normandie bridge. You now follow signs to Caen. At the next junction take the A13 to Caen.

As you approach Caen you want to take the southern Peripherique marked for
Peripherique Sud, Rennes
, and Cherbourg. Once on the Peripherique, you are looking for Exit 9, marked for Rennes and St Lo – the A84.

On the A84 take Exit 40 marked for St Lo and the second exit on the roundabout to St Lo - a new dual-carriageway. Continue on this road.

Exit at Junction 5, marked for Percy. At the roundabout, take the fifth exit marked for Percy, past the impressive Council offices on the right and down the steep hill into Candol past the Petit Auberge restaurant on the right. After Candol take the first right towards Canisy and Cerisy la Salle, D38.

Go straight through Canisy, Quibou and Dangy following the signs to Cerisy La Salle. After Dangy look out for a right turn marked to Cerisy la Salle, D73 (about half a mile) and take this road.

The whole journey takes approximately 5 hours - but please don’t hesitate to ring us if you get lost or stuck anywhere – Tel: 0033 233 478735 (if ringing from an English mobile).

** Never driven in France before? Don't forget to have a look at our 'Rules of the Road section'

We look forward to welcoming you to Le Deshayes and wish you a safe journey.

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